Davron COVID Information

Davron Hotel COVID-19 Information

May 2021


We are delighted to be welcoming back old friends and new to the Davron Hotel.


Again like many other businesses, 2021 has been a tough - having staff on furlough, only being able to offer a takeaway service and hotel rooms restricted to key workers only. 


Throughout this latest lockdown of 2021 we’ve done our best to be positive and forward thinking.  We’ve invested in the hotel itself by freshening up almost every area and we have a big project planned for mid May for our beer garden too.


In the lead up to opening we’ve done our best to firstly adhere to all the rules and regulations not to mention the mountain of policies and risk assessment which in the week prior to opening were changing on a daily basis.  We of course must have rules and restrictions, we firstly don’t want any of our customers or staff to become ill and secondly we don’t want to find ourselves in hot water with local authorities.  Please remember if our staff ask your remain separated, follow track and trace, wear masks and all the other rules, we are doing it for your safety and because we have to by law. 


We have done our utmost to make things manageable from our side whilst not being overwhelming for our customers.  That’s a hugely important factor for us and one that many overlook – is enjoyment, our customers visit us to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves.  Our promise to you is we will do our best to make that happen given the tough situation we are all in. 


Have we done everything 100% right, we like to think so.  Is it a perfect system, unfortunately it’s not.  But, we can assure you that we are trying our best and will be looking at making improvements as and when we can.


We look forward to seeing you all!


The Davron Hotel Owners and Management

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