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The Davron Hotel

8-10 The Square

Rosehearty AB43 7JB


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01346 571976


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Soup Of the Day                                                                  £3.75

Home-made soup made from fresh local produce, served with a crusty bread


Cullen Skink                                                                        £4.75

Thick creamy soup made from smoked finnan haddock, potatoes & onions, Traditional soup from the Moray Coast, served with Oatcakes


Haggis Pakora                                                                     £5.95

Mc Sween of Edinburgh Haggis in our own recipe pakora batter served with mixed leaves complimented by organic spiced pineapple chutney


Sticky Chicken Strips                                                         £5.95

Chicken Breast pieces coated in natural breadcrumbs then cooked in sticky honey chilli sauce, served on mixed leaves                                             

Lamb Kofta's                                                                       £5.95

Moroccan style seasoned lamb Kofta's served with Chefs Tzatski dressing and salad leaves


Jack Daniels Prawns                                                           £5.95

Real Fraserburgh King prawns coated in southern fried breadcrumbs, finished with our own recipe Jack Daniels sauce coating, served on a bed of tossed leaves


Brie Wedges                                                                         £5.95

Soft French Brie coated in natural breadbrumbs, served on tossed leaves and accompanied with cranberry dip







Rump Steak Garni                                                            £11.50

6oz Quality assured Scottish Rump Steak cooked on our griddle to your liking, served with beer battered onion rings, mushroom, tomato and home-made chips


Smoked Haddock, Pancetta & Leek Risotto                   £10.95

Prime Seafoods Smoked Haddock fillet, panceta and leeks cooked with Arborio rice and a splash of cream                                                                                                 

Home made Beef Steak Pie                                                £8.75

Chunks of scotch steak in a rich gravy, cooked with puff pastry top served with vegetables and a choice of home-made chips or potatoes


Home made Lasagne                                                           £8.75

Home-made Lasagne au gratin served with home-made chips, coleslaw and garlic bread slices


Fillet of Haddock                                                                 £9.75

Fresh fillet of Prime Seafoods haddock cooked in our own crispy beer batter served with home-made chips, peas and tartare sauce


Sweet and Sour Chicken Fillets                                         £8.75

Battered Chicken Fillets served on rice, topped with our own recipe Sweet & Sour Sauce And home-made chips


Wholetail Scampi                                                                £8.75

Breaded wholetail scampi served with home-made chips, coleslaw, peas and tartare sauce


Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Beetroot Risotto (V)           £9.95

Chickpeas, sweet potato pieces and fresh beetroot cooked with Arborio rice, finished with soy cream to bind


Pesto Pasta (V)                                                                    £9.95

Dairy Free pasta cooked with spring onions, basil and mushrooms, bound in a pesto style sauce


Jack Daniels Vegetable Stirfry                                           £9.50

Fresh market vegetables pan fried in our own recipe Jack Daniels Sauce, served on a bed of dairy free noodles


Beetroot and Celery Salad Platter                                     £8.75

Sliced  Fresh Beetroot and crunchy Celery served on a crisp Salad Platter Bowl topped wth dairy free croutons and balsamic dressing


Chefs Salad                                                                          £8.50

Your choice of salaf platter served with a choice of home-made chips or potatoes







Cheese  Burger                                                                    £9.50

​Aberdeen Angus 6oz beef burger cooked on our griddle topped with Montery Jack cheese, served in a Gourmet brioche bun with coleslaw and home-made chips


Black Haggis Burger                                                           £10.50

Aberdeen Angus 6oz beef burger topped with a blend of MacSween of Edinburgh Haggis and Charles MacLeod Black Pudding, served with whole grain mustard sauce in a Gourmet brioche bun and home-made chips


Pulled Pork Burger                                                             £10.50

Aberdeen Angus 6oz beef burger cooked on our griddle, topped with our BBQ pulled pork and Monterey Jack cheese served in a Gourmet brioche bun with coleslaw and home-made chips


Chargrilled Chicken Breast                                                 £9.50

Breast of chicken seasoned in olive oil & black pepper, cooked on our griddle then served in a Gourmet brioche bun with lettuce & mayo, accompanied by coleslaw and home-made chips


New Jersey Big Eat Burger                                                  £12.50

Aberdeen Angus 6oz beef burger cooked on our griddle, topped with grilled Chicken breast, BBQ Pulled Pork and Montery Jack cheese served with coleslaw and home-made chips


Vegetarian Burger (V)                                                          £8.50

Vegetarian Burger topped with Monterey Jack Cheddar and Red Onion Chutney, served with home-made chips and coleslaw


Meatball Sub                                                                          £7.50

Ciabatta Baguette filled with meatballs cooked in tomato and basil sauce served with salad and coleslaw


Club Sandwich                                                                       £6.50

 Triple Decker sandwich deep filled with chicken, tomato and bacon and lettuce, toasted then served with coleslaw







Garlic Bread Slices                                                              £2.50

Garlic & Cheese Slices                                                        £2.95

Beer Battered Onion Rings                                                £2.25

Portion of Chips                                                                  £1.95

Portion of Crispy Sweet Potato Fries                                £2.50

Portion of Vegetables                                                          £1.95  






Sticky Toffee Pudding                                                        £5.50

Home-made date laced sponge cake served with rich butterscotch sauce, served with cream or ice cream


Caramel and Fudge Belgian Waffle                                  £5.25

Hot Belgian Sweet Waffle topped with Orkney fudge pieces drizzled with caramel sauce served with Ice-cream


Chocolate Brownie                                                              £5.25

Milk Chocolate Brownie, made with a dash of espresso, served warm with a choice of cream or local Vanilla Ice-cream


Lemon Meringue Delice                                                     £5.50

Lemon Mousse and Lemon Cream finished with meringue pieces coated in cocoa butter on a biscuit base


Chef’s Vanilla Creme Brule                                               £4.95

Home-made Chef’s Vanilla Crème Brulee served with home-made shortbread


Fudge Sundae                                                                      £4.50

Vanilla Ice cream served with fudge pieces, butterscotch sauce & cream


Strawberry Sundae                                                             £4.50

Strawberry & Vanilla Ice cream served with home made strawberry compote & cream


Hot Drinks


(served with home-made shortbread)


Classic Tea or Coffee                                                         £1.95

Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Hot Chocolate & Flavoured Tea





Speciality Coffees £3.50


Liqueur coffee served sweetened with Demerara sugar, topped with softly whipped cream served with choice of liqueur and home-made shortbread



American – Bourbon     Calypso – Tia Maria            Irish – Irish Whiskey     Gaelic – Scotch Whisky           French – Grand Marnier     Italian - Amaretto

Seville – Cointreau    Russian – Vodka                   Royale – Brandy    Sultan – Baileys           

Jamaican – Tia Maria & Rum (extra £1.50)





Battered Haddock

Beef Steak Pie

Breaded Chicken Strips

Home made Lasagne

Turkey Dinosaurs

Meaty Sausages



All Child meals are
served with choice of chips or potatoes & peas or beans