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Gluten Free Menu









Soup of the Day                                                               £3.75

Home-made soup made from fresh local produce, served with gluten free bread roll


Cullen Skink                                                                    £4.95

Creamy soup made from Fraserburgh smoked haddock, potatoes & onions.

A traditional soup from the Moray Coast served with a Gluten Free bread


Jack Daniels King Prawns                                              £5.95

Real King Prawns coated in Gluten free southern fried breadcrumbs coated in our own Jack Daniels sauce,  served on a bed of tossed leaves


Black Pudding & Scallops                                              £5.95

Findlay’s of Portobello Black Pudding cooked on our griddle, topped with seared scallops wrapped in smoked sweet cure streaky bacon, served with mint and pea puree


Haggis Pakora                                                                 £5.95

Findlay’s of Portobello Haggis, coated in our own Pakora Batter, served with Organic Pineapple and Chilli Chutney


Sticky Chicken Strips                                                     £5.95

Chicken breast pieces coated in gluten free breadcrumbs then coated in sweet chilli and honey sauce, served on a bed of tossed leaves


Camembert (V)                                                               £5.95

Gooey Baked Camembert with honey and Drambuie served with toasted Gluten Free Bread Accompanied with cranberry sauce


Melon Pearls                                                                    £4.95

Pariesienne scoops of honeydew melon drizzled with Midori Liqueur, topped with raspberry sorbet






Lamb Shank                                                                  £13.95

Slow cooked tender shank of Welsh Lamb served on a bed of creamed mash, served with vegetables of the day and a Red Wine Jus


Beef and Black Bean Sauce                                          £13.50

Buchan Rump Steak cut into strips, fried with onions, mushrooms and peppers cooked with a Black Bean Sauce served on a bed of noodles


Pork and Apple Stroganoff                                           £12.50

Slices of lean Pork Loin, fried with onions and mushrooms, cooked in cream, White wine and Paprika sauce, served with rice and home-made chips


Smoked Haddock and King Prawn Risotto                     £13.25

Smoked Fraserburgh Haddock and Real King Prawns, cooked with Arborio Rice, spring onion and peppers, finished with a splash of cream


Fajita Chicken Pasta Parmegiana                                    £13.95

Breast of Chicken pieces cooked in Fajita spices with peppers and spring onions in a creamy Fajita sauce, Gluten Free Pasta and bound with fresh Parmesan


Jack Daniels King Prawns                                                 £13.75

Real King prawns coated in gluten free southern fried breadcrumbs with onions mushrooms and peppers coated in our own recipe Jack Daniels sauce, served on a bed of gluten free noodles


Sticky King Prawns                                                            £13.75

Fresh Real King prawns cooked in gluten free breadcrumbs, with onions, mushrooms and peppers coated in our sticky honey chilli sauce, served with rice


Lemon Sole Craigewan                                                      £13.95

Fillets of Poached Lemon Sole supplied from Prime Seafoods Fraserburgh, topped with 'Real' King Prawns, served on a bed of spring onion mash topped with mornay sauce, with local market vegetables


Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry                                           £13.95

Strips of chicken and fresh market vegetables fried in sweet chilli sauce served on a bed of gluten free noodles


Fillet of Haddock                                                            £10.95

Fresh fillet of Prime Seafoods haddock cooked in your choice of gluten free breadcrumbs or batter, served with home-made chips, peas and tartare sauce


Battered Chicken Fillets                                                £10.95

Chicken Breast fillets cooked in gluten free batter, served with crisp salad, home-made chips and garlic mayo






All of our Steaks are supplied to us from Local Award winning Butcher Bert Fowlie in Strichen who uses only the finest cuts of Scottish meat



Sirloin Steak Garni                                                       £17.95

8oz Quality assured Scottish Sirloin Steak cooked on our griddle to your liking, served with battered onion rings, mushroom, tomato and home-made chips


Fillet Steak Garni                                                          £24.50

8oz Quality assured Scottish Fillet Steak cooked on our griddle to your liking, served with battered onion rings, mushroom, tomato and home-made chips


Surf & Turf Steak    

Sirloin £20.95          Fillet    £27.50

8oz Quality assured Scottish Sirloin Steak cooked on our griddle to your liking, with onion rings, mushroom and tomato served with Jack Daniels Real King Prawns and home-made chips


Sauce for your Steak (Choose one of the following)£3.50


Bonnie Prince Charlie, Diane, Pepper, Jack Daniels, Blue Cheese, McGreggor)






Chick Pea, Sweet Potato and Beetroot Risotto (V)        £12.50

Chickpeas, sweet potato pieces and fresh beetroot cooked with Arborio Rice, finished with soy cream to bind


Pesto Pasta (V)                                                                   £12.50

Dairy free pasta cooked with spring onions, basil and mushrooms, bound in a pesto style sauce 


Jack Daniels Vegetable Stirfry                                         £12.50

Freash market vegetables pan fried in our own recipe Jack Daniels Sauce, served on a bed of dairy free noodles


Beetroot and Celery Salad Platter                                    £11.95

Sliced Fresh Beetroot and crunchy Celery served on a crisp Salad Platter Bowl topped with dairy free croutons and balsamic dressing



All our meals are cooked fresh to order to ensure the highest of quality and freshness; meals may take longer at peak times






Chocolate Deluxe Sundae to Share                                £9.50

Gluten free chocolate brownie, vanilla and chocolate Ice-cream, chocolate and fudge sauce, fudge pieces and toasted mallows


Cheese and Biscuits                                                         £5.95

Selection of cheeses, grapes and celery served with chutney and Gluten free oatcakes


Chocolate Brownie                                                          £5.25

Milk Chocolate Brownie, made with a dash of espresso, served warm with a choice of cream or local Vanilla Ice-cream


Toffee Crepes                                                                   £4.95

Home-made Gluten Free Crepes filled with Chantilly Cream, fudge Sauce and Pieces of chopped Orkney Fudge, served with Ice-cream


Fudge Sundae                                                                  £4.50

Vanilla Ice cream served with fudge pieces, butterscotch sauce and cream


Strawberry Sundae                                                         £4.50

Strawberry & Vanilla Ice creams served with home made strawberry compote & cream



Hot Drinks

(Served with a gluten free shortbread)



Cappuccino                                                                     £2.50

Cafe Latte                                                                        £2.50

Hot Chocolate                                                                 £2.50

Flavoured Tea                                                                 £2.50

Tea                                                                                    £1.95




Speciality Coffees £3.95



Liqueur coffee served sweetened with Demerara sugar, topped with softly whipped cream served with choice of liqueur



American – Bourbon


Calypso – Tia Maria


Irish – Irish Whiskey


Gaelic – Scotch Whisky


French – Grand Marnier


Italian - Amaretto


Seville - Cointreau


Russian – Vodka


Royale – Brandy


Sultan – Baileys


Jamaican – Tia Maria & Rum (extra £1.50)